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Why You Should Have A QR Code for Business - WATCH THE VIDEO!


By placing a QR Code generator on your own website, you automatically become an expert in the local businessman's mind. There are many ways to use this but a popular strategy is to put a QR code on your own business card and hand them out. It’s a cool way to get your digital business card on every mobile.

QR Codes can be custom designed to point to:

Web Address, Email Address, Facebook Page, Digital Card, MobiCoupon, YouTube Video, Phone Number, Image Gallery, Plain Text Message, or Scheduled Calendar Event. - Download QR Reader Onto Your Phone.

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  1. 1.Send us your data and the logo to embed.
    We will create a draft and an offer (free of charge and without obligation). You can of course discuss changes with us after receiving the draft.

  2. 2.We create your Logo QR Code in print quality.
    If you accept our offer, we will email you a customized Logo QR Code as a PNG and JPEG version.

  3. 3.Use your customized Logo QR Code.
    An embedded graphic will create additional attention for your QR Code and shows the user whom or what to expect before scanning it.

Where do I get the software for my phone?

Different countries, different phone networks and different phone manufacturers have embraced QR Codes to varying degrees and in different ways. Your phone may already have it pre-installed, but if not you'll need to install it from your app store on your phone. Click below.

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